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The "Green" Building Certification services we offer (through the relevant certification providers*) refer to both new buildings that are to be built as well as to existing buildings which their owners desire to improve.  Depending on the version of each individual scheme, it can be certified either the design and the construction of a new building or the practices and the management of the operation and maintenance procedures (as well as the minor refurbishment) of an existing building.

In plain words, BREEAM and LEED are about a Rating Tool which attempts to answer on how much "green" (namely how much sustainable) a building is, whether it is a new construction or a building which is already in use.  Therefore, they are not only an attempt for the assessment of those issues related solely to the Environment; they are something much wider aiming to the concept of Sustainability for the life cycle of the building.

On the other hand, Passivhaus is something less wide.  It is related only to the Energy side of a "green" building, to its energy consumption demands, as well as to the Comfort and consequently the Health of the occupants.  Passivhaus is a Standard which certifies that the building has been designed and constructed (or even refurbished, through the EnerPHit) according to a specific set of specifications which reduce extensively its requirements for energy.  However, this does not mean that the building is 100% "green" (namely 100% sustainable) as the construction materials (e.g.) used might not be much friendly to the environment and the user’s health or might have not been derived from a local source.

BREEAM, LEED and Passivhaus are not the only rating tools or standard available in the market, but they are the most known and popular ones internationally.

Please note that both BREEAM and LEED, as well as Passivhaus, have nothing to do with the national legislation and building regulations in Greece.  They are not related e.g. to the national Energy Performance Certificate (ΠΕΑ) and the national Energy Performance of Buildings Regulation (ΚΕΝΑΚ), rather are about independent and optional certification schemes which are run by external bodies.

Also, please note though that at CHQ design & build our role is not a commercial one, to advertise the benefits, promote and "sell" one certification scheme against the other or another.  We can tell you what the market says about it, but it is up to you, the client who is interested in a "green" building certificate or an energy-efficient building, to have your own research done in advance and decided which of the Certification services is more appropriate to your own needs.  We will then go through the entire process together and do the certification for you.  We simply do the delivery part of the product; not the sale!

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*CHQ design & build are not a certification body or carrier!  Certification is provided by the relevant organisations, institutes or authorized bodies, namely the BRE Global, the USGBC, the Passivhaus Institut or PHI-authorized, certification-accredited companies.  We run the certification process but the Certificate is issued by them and not us.