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       •  Passive (or Bioclimatic) Design

          [buildings & urban spaces]

       •  "Green" Design and the Environment*

          [energy, water, materials etc.]

       •  Landscape and Green Roof Design

       •  Renewable Energy Resources

       •  Low- / Zero-Energy Building

       •  Autonomous (or Off-Grid) Building

       •  "Slow" Building Design Philosophy

       •  Natural Swimming Pool or Pond (NSP)

       •  Fireplace Design / Specification


Passive Design (or Bioclimatic Design) of buildings is for us something we very much believe in.  It is a fundamental component of Architecture!  Taking into account the geometry of the sun orbit, the annual climate of the region or the microclimate of a place, the topography and surroundings of the site, the traditional architecture and using them all in favour of the design, offers a great opportunity for reducing the energy consumption of the building and improving the comfort experienced by its occupants or users.

An appropriate and corrected-orientated layout of the building and its exterior structures, together with the appropriate plantation, wind catchers, water use and shading devices, the materials and the insulation used, the openings and geometry/form of the building, the colours and texture of its surfaces, the airtightness of the envelope, as well as the wise operation of the building, are only some of the factors which can contribute to the creation of an enjoyable, comfortable (thermally, visually, acoustically) and healthy space.

Having (by design) stored, conserved and efficiently used energy and water in the building, having reduced passively its consumption demands, MEP building services systems of lower output are needed – if needed.

As far as the use of renewable energy resources (e.g. Photovoltaics) is concerned, though sometimes this can be a necessity (as is in a autonomous building) we, at CHQ design & build, tend not to opt for them at first instance rather prefer using passive systems and strategies in the design.  However, simple active systems like MEP building services sensors and controls are welcome to use.

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*The Society and the Economy topics too are also taken into consideration in "Green" Design, where we can!