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   •  Indoor Lighting

   •  Outdoor Lighting

   •  Landscape Lighting

   •  Urban Lighting

   •  Luminaire Design

   •  Daylighting Design

   •  Shadow Analysis

   •  Shading Device Design

   •  Window Design


At CHQ design & build we are interested very much indeed in Architectural Lighting Design; in the use of both the artificial (i.e. electric) and natural light!  But we are interested in Darkness Design too, this in order for contrast (hence appreciation of light) to be created as well as for light pollution to be avoided.

Properly-designed Lighting can create an atmosphere, mood and feelings.  It can enhance and accent the architecture of a space (and its content) or structure during the day or darkness.  It can give an additional meaning or convey a message.  Aesthetics aside, light can also contribute very much to the effectiveness and productivity of processes and people within a building as well as to the health and well-being of its users or occupants.  Needless to mention finally the contribution of proper Lighting to Sustainability with the conservation of energy.

Whether it is about a residential, office, hotel, restaurant, educational, commercial or an industrial building project, a museum or gallery, an art installation or an exhibition space, as well as a monumental structure, a landscape or an urban space or city master planning, CHQ design & build will be more than happy to be appointed to work on it.

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