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This is the kind of challenging activity we are deeply in love with; entering design competitions!

Whether it is about a building, a bridge, footbridge or other structure, whether it refers to a temporary or a permanent installation or to an object, to the use of traditional or/and innovative materials, to the conservation of energy or to a lighting concept, we are always keen on joining forces with Architects and/or Engineers or other design teams and go for it.

Entering competitions is the ultimate creative task for us and at CHQ design & build we would love very much to hear from you regarding this.  It is not the prize we are after rather is the entire design exploration and thinking process!

Inevitably a dedicated e-mail address has been created for Competitions only, so please use the following one when writing to us to check our availability.  To preserve your privacy and other sensitive data, your e-mail will be automatically forwarded and delivered to our Director only!


NOTICE:  We are particularly interested in all projects related to Aviation, therefore, please do contact us about the design competition you are thinking to enter e.g. for an air traffic control tower, an aircraft hangar, a terminal, an antenna, other airport facilities or even for an entire new (small) airport.

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