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Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design*

The building is assessed against the following 7 sections (topics) of Sustainability.  Each of these sections consists of relevant subsections which set a number of guidelines about specifications and other important requirements for the design, the construction and post-construction stages of the building.  Meeting these requirements results in a number of points to be awarded for each subsection.  The more guidelines are followed for the building, the more points for the particular section are awarded.

     •  Sustainable Sites

     •  Water Efficiency

     •  Energy and Atmosphere

     •  Materials and Resources

     •  Indoor Environmental Quality

     •  Innovation in Design / Operations

     •  Regional Priority

The total number of points awarded for each Sustainability section is added then together and the sum of these points for all sections returns the overall score for the building.  Depending on this final LEED score the building is rated as follows:

     40 – 49 points     CERTIFIED

     50 – 59 points     SILVER

     60 – 79 points     GOLD

     80 – 110 points    PLATINUM

For this rating to be possible, however, it is compulsory the requirements of some very specific subsections (which award no points) to have previously been met.  If this is not the case, then no LEED certification can be achieved for the building.

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*LEED has been developed in the United States by their national Green Building Council (USGBC).