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BRE Environmental Assessment Method*

The building is assessed against the following 10 sections (topics) of Sustainability.  Each of these sections consists of relevant subsections which set a number of guidelines about specifications and other important requirements for the design, the construction and post-construction stages of the building.  Meeting these requirements results in a number of credits to be awarded for each subsection.  The more guidelines are followed for the building, the more credits for the particular section are awarded.

     •  Management

     •  Health and Wellbeing

     •  Energy

     •  Transport

     •  Water

     •  Materials

     •  Waste

     •  Land Use and Ecology

     •  Pollution

     •  Innovation

The total number of credits awarded for each Sustainability section is converted then to a % section score and the sum of these % scores for all sections returns the overall % score for the building.  Depending on this final BREEAM score the building is rated as follows:

     < 30%    UNCLASSIFIED

     ≥ 30%    PASS

     ≥ 45%    GOOD

     ≥ 55%    VERY GOOD

     ≥ 70%    EXCELLENT

     ≥ 85%    OUTSTANDING

For this rating to be valid, however, a minimum number of credits must have previously been awarded by meeting compulsory the requirements of specific subsections.  If this is not the case, then a lower BREEAM rating is achieved for the building.

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*BREEAM has been developed in the United Kingdom by the Building Research Establishment (BRE).