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Since 2015 we do not operate as CHQ design & build any longer...  This is an archive website!




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Thank you for your interest in CHQ design & build as well as for visiting our website!

We are a young, ambitious and passionate Design & Construction Management practice which offers to our clients a broad spectrum of diverse and high-quality (and integrity) services for the built environment, thinking always methodically and "out of the box".

We are particularly interested in collaborating with local and with foreign clients who are environmentally conscious and wish to invest in Greece.  But we also offer our "Green" Building Certification* services to clients internationally (mainly in Europe and the Gulf) who admire and value our practice.

Our approach is truly holistic, aiming to take into consideration from the beginning all aspects and a plethora of parameters for the issue we are called to solve; for the life cycle of the building and focusing always on humans!

This refers to a Whole-Building approach (based on the Sustainability agenda) and an Integrative Design, where both the key stakeholders and a multidisciplinary design team work from scratch closely together in a participatory and interdisciplinary way instead of the traditional linear or even parallel but in-isolation one.

But we do not only do the design.  We also take on to build and deliver what we design, this transferring to us the joy and mainly the full responsibility for the outcome of our design, hence offering no excuses to you about a poor performance.

Unified Design + Construction is a term we like to use to describe the project delivery process the way we see it.  Bringing together under one single "umbrella" all design disciplines (a holistic design) as well as all the challenges of the construction element of the project.

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*We do not quite like the use of the word "Green" as well as that trend for an extensive usage of green colour, being both commercial strategies and a marketing tool we dislike!  However, having "Green" become quite known already to the public we had to make a limited use of the word in our website to communicate effectively our design orientation and intentions.