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Design & Construction Management is at the heart of what we love to do.  We set up the design team and represent you, the client, in this team; then report back to you.  We will coordinate for you and look after the entire design process, ensuring a seamless communication among the members of the design team. Then we will go on to implement precisely the design solution, we build it and look after all construction activities, ensuring that the required attention to detail is being paid truly by the subcontractors.  No compromise is being made to the design thought in favour of the construction!

Aesthetics, functionality, materials, build quality, performance, the environment, safety, time, cost... are a few of the parameters in a project, and they are all one single thing as all are interrelated together for the success of the project.

Or we can act as your external (and independent) advisor on a project you are about to start or you have already started, by expressing our own view and making well-intentioned suggestions and comments on the work produced by your design team.

It all starts with getting to know you, the client, and understand your needs and what the goals that you wish to achieve are!  This is fundamental as design solutions need to be tailored to the end user.

Depending on the project, we then have the knowledge and expertise (in-house and/or through some fine people & professionals we work locally and internationally with) to deliver quality design solutions that meet your expectations, as well as to build these for you.

We see project creation as a piece of music.  Not only it has to be composed creatively, it also has to be performed beautifully by the orchestra.  Co-working with the Architect and the "instrumentation" of the rest design & construction team is what we really love to do for you, while we influence on the design where and if we can!

We put Love to what we are doing!  Seeing our work not commercially (though the .com suffix above) or as a way to make a living, rather as a pleasant adventure we very much enjoy to experience and become part of, is fundamental to us.

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