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We encourage students and high-school pupils to spend a few weeks (part-time) of their summer vacation with us or with some of the people we work together, so that the former can translate book learning into the real world of design for the built environment, and the latter can get a flavour of what Engineering and Architecture is all about.

We believe that this internship will be beneficial for them.  Students will have the opportunity to receive a first-hand experience and put theory into practice, whereas for pupils this might assist them in taking a career decision and in selecting what they would like to study in the future.

Both students and pupils will receive by CHQ design & build a small amount of money on a weekly basis, as an appreciation allowance for their contribution and time spent with us.

All students and pupils are eligible and welcome to apply, irrespective of their academic performance, the number of places available is very limited though.

So please feel free to contact us by e-mail, writing an informal and chatty Cover Letter (preferably as an attachment file) about yourself, what you like, what your hobbies, interests, activities and skills are, your dreams and current plans, attach also a basic CV (students only) and send them to the following address.

All e-mails will receive a reply within a day or two, acknowledging receipt of the material you sent to us. We will then review it and get back to you with an answer promptly; just allow us a few days for this.  We will probably also ask from you to meet in person for a friendly chat



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