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At CHQ design & build it will be our pleasure to consider working with and include in the team any person with the flair, skills or a true interest in some stages of the design process for the built environment!

Just to name a few, these may be related e.g. to building a physical (scale) model and to handcrafting, to computer graphics, animations or rendering, as well as to video making and photography, to sketching and painting or even to decoration and gardening.

You do not need to have any academic degree or training certificate related to the built environment.  You do not even need to have any degree or certificate at all.  It could just be your hobby, an activity or skills or something else that you have been self-taught.  As long as you are good at it you could become part of the team.

Or you could only be a rare person with a keen interest in the built environment, who reads a lot and likes to browse through the web and magazines related e.g. to Architecture and Construction, to Technology, to Environment.  You might be useful to our team for brainstorming sessions for instance, so get in touch.

Especially for brainstorming sessions, people without any academic background frequently tend to come up with some very creative ideas!  These ideas could be either directly applicable or generate other ideas that might be applicable to the project – or to another project.

Obviously, aside the payment you will receive, your name and contribution are going of course to be noted and acknowledged in the project.  No doubt about it!

So please feel free to contact us by e-mail, writing an informal and chatty Cover Letter (preferably as an attachment file) about yourself, what you like, what your interests and skills are, attach also a basic CV and samples of your work if you have, and send them to the following address.

All e-mails will receive a reply within a day or two, acknowledging receipt of the material you sent to us. We will then review it and get back to you with an answer promptly; just allow us a few days for this.  We will probably also ask from you to meet in person for a friendly chat.



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