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Since 2015 we do not operate as CHQ design & build any longer...  This is an archive website!




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This is a quick note only to highlight that our website has been created in-house, all alone by CHQ design & build, from scratch.  It was a very first attempt into the world of web design and we really enjoyed it being a pleasant and very creative task, though a quite time-consuming one.

The key concept behind the design of our website (aesthetics & functionality aside) is the Contrast of colours, namely the contrast of light, which leads to the increase of the readers' visual acuity and the capture of their attention to the information presented.

We hope you to find its structure & layout functional and its content informative for you!

For any relevant suggestions or comments that you might have and for any grammar or syntax errors you notice in the website, please spend a minute or two and write and an e-mail to us.

We highly appreciate your input into improving our web pages and making this website better!


NOTICE:  It is our intention to add in the near future pictures and photographs, so that our web pages become visually more interesting and the volume of text less tiring to the reader.  This is something we are now working on and soon will be implemented.

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