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CHQ design & build are a kind of experiment for a new "business" philosophy in the sense that the traditional business model is not followed by us.  Our prime goal is not to increase in profit and size!

To expand year by year, win more work, become bigger and more profitable is something we really do not look forward to.  Our goal is to become a truly people-focused practice, to offer an 8-hour job satisfaction to ourselves and the people we work with while acknowledging always though the responsibility we have towards the needs of our clients.  Our happiness does depend on people's around us happiness, we believe!

The above words may sound to be somewhat romantic but for sure they are not a marketing tool for us!

Profit is welcome of course, as this will allow us to sustain the practice and to enrich or develop further all those design activities we like, and to invest in training and new knowledge for us.  But we strongly believe that as long as we are trustworthy in the market and produce top-quality work profit will subsequently and naturally follow.

Obviously we will not let anybody to use us in any manner and take advantage of our work approach, and please do not forget that quality work takes time to be produced and delivered!

We do not need to rush.  Humans first!  This perception for work will also then reflect the conception and production of intuitively imaginative and quality design solutions.  This is our philosophy... as simple as that!



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