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Since 2015 we do not operate as CHQ design & build any longer...  This is an archive website!




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The registered title of our Sole Proprietorship is:  CHQ DESIGN AND BUILD

CHQ could be an abbreviation for core, holistic quality which defines our thinking about quality in Design and in Construction.

CHQ is also the destination code used in Civil Aviation for the local airport in Chania, the city where the practice was founded.  So next time you will fly to or from Chania, just look for this 3-letter code which is printed on your ticket and you will understand where the idea about the name of our practice came from.

Our logo, the umbrella, expresses our philosophy about the tolal planning and its execution for the delivery of a project, in terms of an intergrated (unified) design and its implementation, as well as of the realization of the construction.  Our goal is the final accomplishent of the project through a set of interrelated quality design & construction services offered (and hence controlled) always under the same "roof" in accordance with all known parameters.

It also highlights our liking in designing with nature, the local microclimate and the principles of bioclimatic (or passive) design, as well as our interest in manipulating Light (and its derivative products) for the user’s satisfaction and benefit.



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