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Since 2015 we do not operate as CHQ design & build any longer...  This is an archive website!




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CHQ design & build are a Sole Proprietorship founded in 2013, May 02nd as the result of the restructure and movement to other new premises of the initial Sole Proprietorship CHQ design bureau which had been founded in 2011, January 10th.  The birthplace is Chania, a picturesque city on the northwestern coast of island Crete, Greece in the Mediterranean sea.

Founder of the practice is a young physicist and engineer with a keen interest in the built environment, who has been interested ever since his teens in understanding how things around him work, in problem solving, in handcrafting, in learning by experiment and in devising new things.

Progressively this led to the fascinating world of Architecture, being currently an undergraduate student (part-time) at the School of Architecture, Technical University of Crete.  For those who are interested in knowing more about his journey, a quick overview can be found here.







CHQ design & build’s vision is to develop and become one day a very respectable Architecture practice, which will offer their own (in-house) architectural design services and encompass by nature all other disciplines, but will also build the projects they are called to design.

So that what the client gets to be exactly what we have designed for!  No blame or cheap excuse between the design and the construction side.  This way the project is delivered faster, cheaper and mainly with the true quality of our design.  Moreover, by the construction of our projects we become better designers.



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